Software Engineering

The unequal demands of special machines call for a competent handling of a huge variety of development tools and languages as far as software development is concerned. That includes PLC programming (Siemens/Beckhoff), CNC control (Siemens 840D) as well as robot solutions and PC controlled systems in all modern development environments. Especially in the area of measurement and test systems platforms like Labview and MATLAB are increasingly being applied. Besides, we have gained solid experience in the integration/programming of CAN-bus systems.

Just like the machines FGB's software (visualisation, test, control, measuring and feedback control systems) is designed to meet individual needs. These solutions comprise user-friendly menus, varied documentation and analysis functions as well as interfaces to higher-level systems such as SQL-based databases (Oracle, mySQL etc.) or client specific plant management systems. Such a linkage is gaining more and more importance for a reliable traceability of parts.