Many customers are astonished by the extensive manufacturing facilities available when they first visit our company. They are impressive, indeed, particularly for a special machine manufacturer. But, our machinery does not only serve the internal demand for precise parts. To a much greater extent we are a reliable supplier in the area of job-order production for numerous customers in Germany and abroad. 

However, our machinery is also breathtaking because of its versatility. Besides the wide vertical range of manufacture we also ensure, that all machines are state of the art. This results from technological requirements of our sophisticated assignment as well as from economic considerations (efficiency). In more details, our manufacture comprises machines for turning, milling, grinding, eroding, jig boring, deep hole drilling and gear cutting. 

In addition to job-order production we offer our clients installation services on a time and material basis. In this sector FGB's employees are well-experienced and very familiar with all mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric installation works.