Control Cabinet Construction

As a full-service supplier we have been offering design and installation of complete control cabinets according to circuit diagrams developed in-house or provided by the customer for many years. That way, FGB designs, produces and installs the control systems in different configurations. Our products range from small control panels, through conventional switchboards to complex control centers for feedback control, measurement and test systems. 

Our team of electricians accompanies you across all stages of the realisation process (system design, purchasing of parts, assembly, installation and start-up on site). As a matter of course all relevant standards of VDE, accident prevention regulations and EU machine directives are considered. Before the delivery to our customers the control cabinets have to pass a functional test where realistic scenarios are simulated. Those tests guarantee a fast installation and start-up on site in time. 

The circuit diagrams are realised on different CAD systems (e.g. EPLAN, WS-CAD), as required, and are an important part of our comprehensive documentation in this area.