Supply and connection units


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General information

The Supply and connection unit consists of a manifold block with attached
activation unit. The manifold block is integrated into the loop system of the
hydraulic oil supply. The manifold block can be isolated from the supply of
the loop by means of a ball cock. Thus, it is possible to implement repair or
maintenance works without switching off the hydraulic oil supply. The manifold block is prepared for optional accumulators which on the one
hand cover oil supply peaks and absorb pulsations of the hydraulic lines.

Technical data:
  • leak oil free shut-off separating hydraulic oil supply and test rig
  • continuously adjustable setting mode• normal operation at 280 bar
  • abrupt shut-down of the pressure in case of error messages to protect the test specimen and the test facility in accordance with the switching times of the used valve combinations (switching time approx. 30 - 40ms)
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