Servohydraulic test cylinders


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General information

Servohydraulic test cylinders are used to excite parts and complete test designswith static and dynamic test forces. In order to meet these requirements andto achieve the highest retracing precision, the test cylinders are equippedwith hydrostatically supported piston rod guidance by default. By means ofthis special support the durability and the frequency behavior are improvedsignificantly as well. The hydrostatic support ensures hysteresis-free operationwithin the nominal load range.

The servohydraulic test cylinders have a series of convincing advantages:
  • Friction free support of piston rod through hydrostatic bearings
  • High piston speed
  • Integrated position measurement system

The endurance strength and the related extremely long lifetime of the cylinder
have a positive influence on the economic use of such components.

Technical date:
  • Peak forces in the range of 2 kN to 4 MN (deviating force
    vectors upon request)
  • Nominal stroke (without dampening) between 20 and 1,000 mm
    (special strokes upon request)
  • High piston speed
  • Permanent operating pressure up to 300 bar