Servohydraulic rotary drives


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General information

Servohydraulic rotary drives are used to excite parts and complete test designswith static and dynamic test forces. In order to meet these requirements andto achieve the highest retracing precision, the rotary drives are equippedwith hydrostatic radial and axial bearings by default. By means of this specialsupport the durability and the frequency behavior of the rotary drives areimproved significantly.

By default, the servohydraulic rotary drives are equipped with the following accessories:
  • attachment block for servo valves
  • servo valves according to order with 2 or 3 stages, diverse manufacturersupon consultation
  • smoothing accumulator in supply and return
  • rotation angle measurement system (analog/digital) mounted to therotating shaft
  • preparation for the attachment of differential pressure transducers      
  • hydrostatic bearing (radial/axial) of the rotor shaf
  • integrated rotation angle measurement system
  • visual rotating angle indicator

static torsional moment:

 500 to 32 KNm


permanent operating pressure

280 bar


swivelling angle maximum:

± 60 degrees


usable swivelling angle:

± 55 degrees


end of stroke damping:

± 5 degrees