Hydraulic power units


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General information

Hydraulic aggregates by FGB are designed to supply servohydraulic systemsof the most different types. Such systems have high requirements for thehydraulic oil as regards to the cleanliness and consistently high operatingpressure. The in-house developed aggregates can be used for a permanentoperating pressure of up to 300 bar and provide a flow that is adapted to theconsumption. The hydraulic oil supply has been adapted especially to the special requirementsof servohydraulic applications. This way, the operating pressure can be setcontinuously either manually or electrically within the range of 50 to 280 barfor example. Using an axial piston pump with pressure control, the deliveryflow automatically adapts to the demand of the corresponding consumers.The oil temperature within the reservoir is maintained at a nearly constantlevel by means of controlled bypass cooling. The filter system is equipped witha separate cooling circuit.

The hydraulic oil supply is used in the following areas, amongst others:
  • test rig constructions
  • general mechanical engineering
  • press design
  • etc.
Technical data:
  • Automatic adjustment of flow rate to respective demand by
    means of control pump
  • Separate filter and cooling circuit
  • Low oil temperature variation in tank due to controlled
    bypass cooling
  • Low noise-level by means of sound absorbing measures
  • Standard sizes: 30, 60, 100, 180, 250, 500 litres per minute
    delivery volume
  • Option of linking aggregates together
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