Ultrasonic test system for bearing rings


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Task and procedure:

The inner and outer rings of roller bearings are to be checked for material defects by means of ultrasonic testing. The errors may e.g. include cavities or cracks.The test routine is automated. The loading and unloading of parts, however, is performed by the operator. In advance, bearing and ring type are determined.The test cycle starts after acknowledgement of the entries by the operator: The parts are either ciamped at the inside or outside perimeter, depending on whether an inner or an outer ring is concerned. A drive roll sets the part into rotation. Now, the test head guided in a carriage unit moves into position. Ring speed and movement speed are synchronised, leading to a helical,lapped test track. After completion, the ring drive stops, the test head moves into its basic position and the part is unclamped. The operator removes the ring. Parts are sorted according to the test results.

Circumferential speed ring:

1 m/sec.


Coupling medium:

Water with antirust agent


Part Variance:

Outer ring outside-Ø: 140 – 340 mm
Inner ring outside- Ø: 90 – 220 mm
Width: 16 – 100 mm
Weight: max. 18 kg