Spray washing machine for bearing rings


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Task and procedure:

The spray washing machine can wash different kinds and sizes of bearing rings.

For this purpose the bearing rings are taken from the delivery conveyor and transported into washing position. During the washing program the washing head operates up and down. The number of strokes are selectable in the control settings. After the washing the component is moved to the dripping-off position. Furthermore there is the possibility to vacuum clean the component in another step of procedure. Finally the deposition on the conveyor belt takes place.

To ensure optimum coverage for the part spectrum, the washing head is equipped with a changing mechanism, which allowes the use of rotor head as well as fixed nozzles.

Range of parts:

Outer diamter: 200mm – 450mm
Bore diameter: 130mm – 400mm
Width: 17mm – 225mm
Weight: max. 150kg