Notch grinding and blasting system for slide bearing rings


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Task and procedure

The system descriped below serves the prepartion of slide bearing outer rings in order to install them into a ball joint. Therefore, it is necessary blast the outer ring, lengthwise and controlled. In this way the part can be opened up and closed to the required extent, needed for receiving the ball. The system ist integrated into a fully automated production line. The outer rings are fed by a conveyor belt and for the time being isolated. A cross transport switches the parts through individual machining stations. Here, the aligning and rotation of the outer ring takes place, so that the inserted notch is located as far from the lubrication holes as possible. At the next station the notch becomes ingrained. The feed slide is sensor controlled and can switch after the approaching move from rapid to slow speed for processing. In addition, the wear of the grinding wheel is automatically compensated. In the following station, a compression unit presses the outer ring together and eventually bursts is. The resulting blast is monitored by a body sound sensor. This way it is possible to identify not correctly torn outer rings and sort them out automatically. The error-free parts leave the system over the discharge belt.


depending on bearing type about 300 pieces/hour


Gridding time: 

depending on bearing type approx. 6 sec.


Variation of parts:

approx. 50 types


Piece weight:

<4500 g


Outer diameter (bearing):

75 - 160 mm



25 - 80 mm


Changeover time:

<10 min


Technical availability: