Assembly system for release bearings


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Task and Procedure:

The system is designed to assemble and check release bearings. The completed assembly consists of inner ring, outer ring, ball-bearing cage, the ball-bearings, seals, and a corrugated spring. These parts are supplied automatically to the system.

The procedure starts with separating the inner and outer rings that initially pass a measurement station and are positioned on the ring accumulator afterwards. At this point, it is already determined which rings are paired to which bearing. The matching ball bearings are available in three sizes. The tolerance class resulting in an ideal pair is taken from the ball-bearing accumulator.

The actual assembly process is implemented as follows: Initially, outer ring, ball-bearing cage, and ball-bearings are mounted and the assembly is cleaned with compressed air. Before adding the inner ring in the joining station, it needs to be checked whether the correct number of ball-bearings has been provided and the cage is present. After having mounted the corrugated spring and inserted the motor-side seal, the inner ring is pressed in.

An impact sound test is now implemented with the finished bearing. It provides information on possible damage to the bearing rings or ball-bearings. Thus, bad parts can be sorted out automatically. Defect-free parts are conveyed to the next processing steps by means of a conveyor belt.

Cycle time:

20 sec.


Technical availability: