Eddy Current Crack Inspection System for Rollers


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Rollers of different types are to be checked for cracks on the outer surface.The parts are significantly varying in size, weight and geometry. The system is designed as flexible module for the inspection of spherical, tapered and cylindrical rollers. In addition to the demanded wide range of operation, the high cycle time of the production line is to be followed. The parts are finished and thus require to be handled gently.

Test Procedure:

The rollers are fed into the machine in upright position standing on a conveyor belt provided by the customer. A distribution module receives the parts and places them onto parallel conveyors, where they are separated and made available for pickup. A handling system takes the components and transfers them into the testing system. Here, the rollers are held vertically and aligned centrically. Once the parts are fixed rotation starts. A slide system with vertical, horizontal and rotational axis moves the probes along the surface producing overlapping test segments. Depending on their inspection status, the parts are then transferred to corresponding belts (for good and defective parts) by another handling system. In order to carry out operational checks, reference parts are loaded from a storage board into the inspection system at regular intervals.

Range of operation:          

Diameter: 18 - 70 mm


Length: 16 - 110 mm


Weight: 45 g - 3,5 kg


Radius: 100 - 1000 mm



Cycle Time:

up to approx. 60 pieces/min (depending on component)



Mean changeover time:

approx. 15 min (when change of type beyond current range of operation)