Crack and Surface Inspection System for Cylindrical Parts


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Rollers of different sizes are to be checked for cracks and defects on the outer surface. Despite the high ouput, a systematic sorting is required in order to avoid „pseudo rejects". As the rollers have no chamfers or radii at this processing status, a reliable separation and test time control is crucial.

Test Procedure:

The cylindrical rollers are fed one after another into the system via a conveyor belt and lead through a hose into the test path. Two powered transport modules enable a separation of the rollers and effect the rotation of the components while passing the test segment.The combination of both movements results in a spiral overlapping test path of the outer cylinder surface (checked for cracks and optical test). A properpositioning of the sorting flaps ensures the separation of the parts in "good parts", "parts with optical defects" and "parts with eddy current defects".

Test method:

Crack inspection with eddy current technology,
dynamic, Option: optical surface inspection


Range of operation:

two system types
- Typ 1: Ø 3 – 15 mm L 5 – 60 mm
- Typ 2: Ø 8 – 25 mm L 9 – 60 mm



depending on the length of the inspected part
- max. 3 parts/sec.


System design:

Combining forced and gravity transport
- Typ 1: with sloped transport axis for
small parts
- Typ 2: with horizontal transport axis for
large parts