Bearing grinding machine


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Task and procedure:

The system that is shown here is a fully automated grinding machine for machining the inner rings of tapered roller bearings. It was integrated into an existing production line. The parts are fed automatically by a special device and are braced after separation.

The system control adjusts the delivery continuously on the wear of the gridding wheel, to ensure a consistently precise process over large quantities. Equally, the cutting speed is kept constant regardless of the tool wear. Furthermore, the controller automatically switches from rapid traverse into processing mode, as soon as the body sound sensor has registered the reach of the component with the gridding wheel.

After processing, the rings are automatically discharged.

Changeover time:

< 20 min



depending on type 170 – 220 rings/hour, (charging process 2 sec)


Cutting speed:

max. 100 m/sec, automatic constant cutting speed


Diameter of gridding wheel:

150mm (new) to 105mm (used)


Range of parts:

3 types of inner rings between 85mm and 135mm
shoulder diameter