Assembly line for linear bearings


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Task and procedure:

In the installation differtent kinds of small parts are assembled to a linear bearing. It initially consists of a centric shaft, which carries the three lengthwise ball tracks. A sleeve-shaped ball cage keeps the total of 24 balls. The whole assembly unit is also located in a sleeve, which serves as mounting aid.

The basic concept of the machine consists out of a rotary system. All steps of procedure are performed by a fully automated sequence. In the first station the mounting of bearing sleeve and shaft takes place. Within another step the balls are assemblec into the ball cage and transfered to the indexing table. Afterwards the spring-loaded tracks, which have to be plugged between cage and shaft, will be installed. In the following station the parts are monitored in order to see if the balls are completely installed. Finally the completely fixed bearing is handed over to a buffer conveyor.

Cycle time:

10 sec.


Technical availability: